The Garage Restaurant Serves Up More Than Burgers


After eighteen years of working offshore, Tracy McCarty took the downturn in the oil field this summer as an opportunity to open a restaurant in Clarke County, “My family is always cooking and I like entertaining, so the venue for The Garage fit,” explains Tracy.  The restaurant is located at the intersection of highways 18 and 45, south of Quitman and serves burgers, wings, and some homestyle cooking.  As a long-time planner of events and get-togethers, Tracy envisioned the restaurant as a place where people could hang out, “It’s a relaxed atmosphere and it’s family-friendly.  It’s a place you can get good food and hear music.” 


Tracy plans events on weekends at the restaurant that give the local community something to do, “Last weekend we had karaoke.  This weekend we are hosting a crawfish boil.  We’ll have a cornhole tournament and a band. We will also have a fire truck for the kids to check out. The tables in the restaurant have checkerboards on them, too.  I want a place where kids can come and have something.” 


Besides the special weekend events, Tracy also offers special discounts throughout the week, “On Thursdays, we have TBT or Teacher Banker Thursday where employees from the schools and banks get 10% off.  On Friday, we have Feel Good Friday where medical professionals get a 10% discount and on Wednesday, we give 10% off to other categories of workers.  We like to make things special for people,” explains Tracy.


The restaurant also delivers to Quitman for 5 or more orders.  


“Our biggest seller is our burgers, then wings, and our poboy,” says Tracy.  The Momma D’s Big Burger is named after his sister who started cooking the hamburger in her home before Tracy brought it into the restaurant.  The Route 601 is a burger stacked with onion rings held in by a knife, while The Shadetree Mechanic is a double burger with a story, “ A guy came in one day and asked for two meat patties and I warned him that it was going to be like a pound of meat, but he just laughed and told me, ‘I’m a shadetree mechanic, I eat a lot’, so we named the burger after him.”  The Route 601 was named by customers from The Garage during a Facebook contest.  “I like getting our customers involved with our business.  It’s entertaining.  We’re a small venue, but the best thing about being in this business is the people I meet,” explains Tracy. 


Tracy hosts an annual car show in the county, something he has done for numerous years, “I love cars.  It’s been fun to have the car show and I look forward to it every year.  I also am planning to host other events and hope we can continue to grow our community and provide a reason for our people to stay in the county.”


You can watch The Garage Food and Drinks Facebook page for weekend events, weekly discounts, and contests.  You can drop in Wednesday through Saturday to try the food.  The Garage offers specials each day like club sandwiches on Wednesday, chicken salad on Thursday, and stuffed baked potatoes on Friday.  Also, on Sunday, from 1-5 p.m., The Garage offers lunch plates.