Local Mom Fulfills Childhood Dream


Running a business, working a full-time job, and being a wife and mom is not an easy gig, but Maygen Phillips pulls it off every day.  This successful local mama is a school teacher and owner of The Crowe’s Nest in Enterprise--two jobs she has simultaneously held for the past five years.


Maygen says growing up with her dad working in retail inspired her to open her own business, “When I was little, I told my mom and sister that I wanted to own a boutique one day and have them work for me.  I grew up in retail, so it has always been in my blood.  I have fond memories of growing up in the back room of Fred’s!”  (Maygen’s dad, Ricky Carpenter, has worked for many years at the Fred’s in Quitman.)  Maygen started her boutique business in a spare room in her home, expanded to a storage building in her yard, and then moved to the location in Enterprise at 103 River Road.  The boutique sells women’s clothing and accessories and Maygen does get help from her mom and sister, “We go to market together.  We all three have different tastes and we really think about all the different types of customers we have and what their fashion needs are.”


Maygen says the business is rewarding when she helps customers, “I love when people walk out feeling good about themselves and tell me how many compliments they got on their outfit.  I love hearing about their families, vacations, and accomplishments.”  While Maygen teaches school, she has a staff who runs the store, “My girls take care of the store each day and do a fantastic job running the business.”  Maygen is then charged with analyzing data, interacting with customers and shopping for the business.  She admits that she is constrained by time and though she strives to be a superwoman in every aspect of her life she has to remind herself, “It’s okay not to be so super every single minute of the day.”  Her reward for the time-consuming work is the friendships she has established with customers and employees.  Her business has taught her to listen to others and communicate.  She has also learned what works when marketing her boutique to potential customers. 


In the last year, Maygen became a mom to now 1-year old Xander Kruz.  When she can treat herself, she enjoys, “A few hours of watching Hallmark movies and snuggling with XK.”   Maygen also enjoys spending time on adventures with her family and says, “They are truly my best friends and we go everywhere together!  I honestly wouldn’t be able to do any of it without my wonderful family helping every step of the way.”


Maygen is married to Denny Phillips.  The couple resides in Clarke County.