New Management at Archusa Creek Water Park

Wesley Seal has joined the Archusa Creek Water Park management team.  He is coming to the community from Okatibbee Creek Water Park.  Seal is joined by park ranger, Mandy Andrade.  Andrade is completing her first year at the park and was responsible for bringing movie night to Archusa Creek Water Park last summer.  Andrade explained, “I’m passionate about how the park looks and adding things for kids to do.  We purchased a screen and had movie night all last summer.  We plan to start the movie nights up again for this summer.”

In addition to the movie night, the park staff is working on an Easter egg hunt for April 13, 2019.  Currently the staff has 1,600 eggs that will be ready for the big event.  Donations for prizes are welcome.

Seal plans to work on repaving roads and camper pads.  “We want to clean up the park.  I often say it’s what people don’t see that makes the biggest impression.  We don’t want people to see a dirty park and we are planning to make a difference there.”  Seal is also interested in starting a farmer’s market at the park.  He wants the park to be “family-oriented.”  He stated, “We have an excellent team here and we are talking about our goals for the park.  We are looking forward to making changes that will improve the park.”

Currently the park has a staff of 9 who have jobs from cleaning to maintenance of the park to managing the day-to-day activities of the park. 

In preparation for movie night, you can purchase a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt for movie night for $12 at the park office.  Adult and children sizes are available.