About Us


The Clarke County Tribune is your community-minded newspaper, covering Clarke County Like the Dew since 1908.

We are owned by Emmerich Newspapers, a Mississippi-based, family-owned publishing company. The Clarke County Tribune is a member of the Mississippi Press Association and Clarke County Chamber of Commerce.

Our offices are located at 101 Main Street, Quitman, MS. We can be reached at 601-776-3726.

Oliver Emmerich often published his creed in the Enterprise-Journal. Today, The Clarke County Tribune still stands by that original creed:

“A newspaper is an instrument of public trust, privately owned but solemnly dedicated to the common weal; the crystal mirror of our daily trials and triumphs; the editorial obligation to be as just with men and measures as human imperfection will permit; a crusading force which accepts with courage the challenge of controversy, greeting hostile ideas with hospitality, understanding well that public debate is a factor in public progress; the sacred pledge to promulgate the civic, cultural and spiritual well being; the covenant to study, investigate, analyze so as to place reason and logic ahead of emotionalism and hysteria; the duty to interpret constitutional “Freedom of the Press” as meaning the freedom of information to all, a torch to the many, not the flame for the few; and above all the will to be sympathetic, understanding and sincere.”