Being Grounded


When I was in school, “being grounded” meant punishment with which a young person had to stay at home and could not leave to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities.  Today the term more often means that a person is balanced, solid with who she or he is, and has self confidence in the decisions made.  I was recently talking to someone about old houses and antiques and she said that she loved these things because they helped her to feel grounded.

That really resonated with me this past Sunday as I went to Homecoming at my dad’s home church.  I remember going to Sunday School, dinners on the ground, etc. with this church from childhood on.  As I went back as a senior adult now and saw faces that I still remembered from childhood and visited my parents’ graves, I felt that connection to the good that church, its people, and my own family has sown into my life – I felt grounded.

I realize that all of us don’t have a wonderful childhood to look back to and draw strength from.  But I would hope that all of us do have some positive experiences that we can go back to periodically to help us to stay grounded.  Reflection of those experiences in our mind can be helpful.  I have found that things from the experience or representations of the experience can be even more helpful.

When I look at pictures of family who are now in Heaven, I am reminded of the good of our past together.  When I sing an old gospel hymn, that seems to balance me better than a modern praise and worship chorus.  When I see a MSU Bulldog logo, I remember the positive sense of character and camaraderie that all things Bulldog seem to bring for me. 

I plan to continue to let myself enjoy grounding from the positive from the yesteryears along my way.  It is like an anchor that holds a ship steady even through a storm.


Billie James Bonner, 86, Grenada, Mississippi was born in Crandall, Mississippi, to Tobe and Etta... READ MORE