Like a Child


As we enter June, we often think of officially entering the summer season.  Many things take place in the summer – gardens, hay-cutting, various events, and the vacation from school for children.  As summer is the more traditional time for vacation from work and for family vacations, it is probably thought of as the season of play.  We tend to also think of “play” as being a child’s activity.

There are many verses about children in the Bible.  My favorite passage is Matthew 18:3-4 where Jesus said that except we become as little children, we could not enter the kingdom of heaven and that “whosoever shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”  Our spiritual lives are greatest when we maintain that childlike relationship of total trust in our Heavenly Father.

Maintaining that childlike framework in much of life benefits us in mental and physical ways also.  When we can let go and trust God to work it all out, we seriously reduce stress and worry.  We sleep better at night.  We find time to play.  We are better able to enjoy living in the moment.

Often I hear people say that they wish they had the energy of a child.  When we think about it, as adults we have more mature minds and bodies with which to generate energy.  But also, as we grow and mature, we seem to absorb more of the toxins of living – the worry, the stress, the comparison of ourselves with others, and the tendency to clutter our lives with stuff we don’t need.  All of this depletes our natural energy.

We each still have that child within us and it needs to be nourished to stay well.  We may have to choose to trust God and not worry.  We may have to choose to take time to play.  But the thing about choice is that it is totally up to us.  Covid-19 has given us some space and time to nourish the child inside more – I hope that we are doing that.


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