I like words that have more than one meaning. The English language is full of them. Mostly they are spelling differences but "objective" is one that struck me this past week. Objective can mean "a thing sought" as a noun or "an uninfluenced representation of facts" as an adjective. In truth, they complement each other when used together. "I will try to be objective while seeking the objective of this article"

The recent DHS raids in MS, AL, and FL have brought our attention to the illegal immigrant problem in a way that brings out the best and worst of us. The attention drawn upon this problem had some heated arguments cast upon social media. In trying to be objective about the issue I have done some extensive reading. There were the usual arguments about the term Illegal, parents and children, price of food, shifting blame, Jesus, and everybody is doing something illegal. Along with usual vitriol from all sides you almost expect someone to be called doo-doo-poo-poo-head.

In the US, illegal immigration refers to the act of foreign nationals violating American immigration policies and laws without having proper authorization. We have all seen the movies where the person(s) pull up to the guard shack and the guard demands "Your papers please", only to get pulled out and sent to jail for not having the proper ones. It is a worldwide institution to have borders, laws, enforcers, and punishments. Our borders are porous through which passes invaders who mean to do us harm. Here in the US it is considered gauche to complain about those who would invade our sovereignty but it's usually by whom that aren't directly affected. We are all affected. Through our indifference by placing blame on others we encourage illegality. There are scarce jobs in some of these areas and to have them taken by those who aren't here properly is the same as stealing. Stealing is illegal.

So, I guess you know now how I feel about the raids. The argument that "chicken will be costly" doesn't wash with me. If you haven't noticed, everything is more costly. It cost a lot of money to raise chicken commercially, and that's if they don't mysteriously die.

Sympathy for those caught up in the raids? Yes. Sympathy for the children? Yes. Sympathy for citizens who might benefit from the same job? Absolutely.  If you come to this country illegally, work here illegally, or use someone's identification illegally, you are an illegal. It's pretty simple to me. Objective? Maybe not.  There is a way to do things properly. Millions have benefitted.

See you in a couple. ags


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