Peace or Panic?


Covid-19 is already producing evidence of panic across our country to the extent probably not seen since the Great Depression.  Even here in Clarke County, items are sold out in stores and churches with large congregations are not holding services.  Folks are staying home.  This will likely have a ripple effect in our economy and other facets of life as we know it.  But there are some lessons that we can reflect on and learn from in all of this – possibly things that can help America be great again.

Our abundance of stuff, money (or at least credit), and transportation in the United States has us doing what we want to do when we want do it.  We feel a whim of want and yield to that whim.  It may be eating out at a popular restaurant 35 miles away instead of from the freezer at home.  It may be going to a big ball game or concert in person instead of watching it on TV.  Covid-19 has us thinking about what we do, where we do it, when we do it, and with whom we do it. 

I have chickens that lay eggs and a lot of fruits and vegetables in a couple of freezers.  There is actually very little that I “have to buy” at a grocery store right now. What I do need to buy, I can buy in Clarke County. Most folks have television packages with more channels available than they could watch in several months.  We still have several public libraries in the county.  We can well entertain ourselves right at home.

This forced slowing down and staying close to home is good for us in that it is teaching us that we already have much of what we need right here and close by for a high quality of life.  The extra time that we have is also good for us as it gives us time to do some quality things that we may have pushed aside while being “so busy.”  Finally, it may just help us to believe and live out 2 Timothy 1:7 - “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.”