Slippery Slopes


A term that we often here in the news today is that of a “slippery slope” – usually in conversation about some ideological stand that a group is taking on a current issue.  The dictionary definition of “slippery slope” is a course of action that seems to lead inevitably from one action or result to another with unintended consequences as per the standard dictionary of Miriam Webster.  Examples that I have seen in my lifetime are the issue of abortion and gender confusion.

Back in 1973 when SCOTUS ruled that abortion was legal, the framework tended to be that a woman who found herself with an unwanted pregnancy could go have the “fetus” removed by a licensed doctor in a licensed clinic rather than have to go to some shady, under-the-radar” place to have “it” taken care of.  In the last 46 years we have moved to legal infanticide in several of our states.

As homosexuality has “come out” over the years, we have seen this situation move from tolerance for choice in romantic relationships to limitations imposed on the way private business owners operate their trade, the provisions of health insurance that employers have to provide, and mandated components of education for children in public schools.  Now, the “right” is not only to romance the way you want to, but to also use whatever bathroom or compete in whatever sport you want to regardless of the gender designation of the bathroom or sport.  Mark my words, one of these days we will have a contestant for Miss America who is transgender or just “feels” like a female.

A slippery slope is like the slide on a playground.  When you start sliding at the top, you can’t get off until you reach the bottom.  There are many places in society today where we are on slippery slopes of ideology – politics, schools, and even churches.  Hopefully, when we get to rock bottom, there will be a will to and an action to change back to what is sensible and right.


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