Things Change


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:” (Eccl. 3:1) We are creatures of habit. Once we find a rhythm to things, we are not easily prone to change. Like mice on a wheel, we go round and round. A simple visit through Walmart and you may even see people who look as if they walked out of a mouse hole. Routine, routine, and more boring routine.

Several years ago, Susanne and I took a much-needed vacation and traveled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There on Ocracoke Island, we found what became our favorite beach. The town was free from the over-abundance of commercialized and brain-numbing amusement parks, and there was not a single high rise condominium to block the view of the ocean. The sand along this two-mile-long island was a beautiful tan color, and it was a clean as you could possibly imagine.

We spent a couple of days enjoying the history of the island, with most of our time relaxing on the beach. The ocean was considerably cooler than the water in the Gulf of Mexico, and that was refreshing. Under the umbrella with a book and writing tablet in hand, I read and worked on thoughts that filled my head. Sue played in the waves and searched for seashells. As far as we could see, there were probably no more than a hundred people on the beach, and it was wonderful. We enjoyed it so much that we planned on another trip—to recharge our emotional batteries and get refreshed. Like mice, we wanted some more cheese from the same place!

Then, last week Hurricane Dorian slammed into Ocracoke, devastating the island with flooding and destroying the only highway along this small island. Our hearts sank as we saw a video of the places we loved so much. Time changed this little resort island into a land of rubble. It will take years to restore this island back into the beautiful and refreshing vacation spot it was. We are forced to look for another place.

Life comes at us like this. What appears to be routine and established is changed with a storm that enters our life. As Christians, we are not free from experiencing the same trials as every other person. The loss of a loved one, the betrayal of a friend, or the pain of sickness. Life goes on, even with the change of the landscape before us. It shakes us to the core of our being, and we must find a place of stability and safety. 

One of the great beauties of the Gospel is that God is our refuge, our high tower, and our fortress. Jesus is the unshakable Rock that we can stand on. When everything around us is being blown away, He is the one constant. He never changes. Regardless of how we try to build a life of comfort and stability, we all need an immovable spot—a safe place. We all need Jesus. Because eventually, we will all face a time when… Things Change!


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