True Thanksgiving


As we celebrate the official day of Thanksgiving, we are reminded to give thanks, be thankful, etc. If we are not careful, this can become just a routine observance that is just surface only.  As I ponder it, I think that the true evidence of thanksgiving is a heart-state of contentment.

We blow and go incessantly to do more, get more, be more, etc. because we really are not thankful for what we have.  If we were content with what we have, we would “stop and smell the roses.”  That contentment lets us live out thanksgiving rather than just say the words one time a year. That contentment lets us enjoy life and that is really why God gives us life – He offers us blessings to enjoy.

Studies on aging have shown that some of the people who seem to have the least are actually the most content and live the longest, healthiest, and happiest lives.  When we look at the history of our own society, the word stress and the use of “nerve pills” are fairly new factors of life.  Past generations and times had less stuff and more time and contentment.  Even today, it might be interesting to explore the difference in these areas between the Amish and the rest of us.

The routine lifestyle of today almost demands that we buy into this rush for things and activities.  Fast food and tech stores confront us everywhere.  We really have to put forth effort to avoid this and live a more simple life.  However, if we choose to pursue the path of contentment, we can.

We can grow a garden, we can cook from scratch, we can read or do crafts, and we can talk to others face to face.  Hurricanes and tornadoes sometimes force us to do that as a reminder that we still can.  For myself, I would like to go ahead and try the path of contentment without waiting for a natural disaster to force that on me.