What Do We See?


I recently read an interesting story about a dream a pastor had that his church building was sagging, had holes in the roof, and the doors were warped.  Yet his congregation continued to come to worship services, shaking hands, singing, etc. just like usual.  When he asked the Lord to explain the dream, he was told that the days were coming when the church would fall into deception and decline.   – that people would become so focused on the world that they would not see what had happened to the church and they really would not care.

In looking at “church” today, I think that is probably happening.  But church is not the only place in our lives where we seem to have trouble seeing decline and deception.  Think about shopping on main street of yesteryear – clothing at Blair’s department store or fabric to make your own from Ms Dora’s.  Think about the furniture you used that was passed down several generations that still holds up well.  Then think about everything we buy now from dollar stores or super stores that tears up quickly.  We don’t bemoan the tear – we just go buy another one.

Think about health.  Great, great grandmother probably died of just general old age – not chronic disease.  Today, many older people think it is just expected to get sick as we get older.  And of course the insurance companies and medical clinics really take advantage of that.  We are sold insurance for every type of old age illness possibility that can be thought of – if we will buy it.  As one man said, “You can give away a good living while buying insurance.”   There are also multiple kinds of tests and medical precautions for us “older folk.”

I remember from a study of physics that nature tends to decline, deterioration, and disorder.  So, yes – things may tend to this.  But we have a choice to either just sit down and let ourselves fall down.  Or we can look and choose to help take care of what we have.