What if You Were Right?


The last couple of months have given people of all ages more time on their hands.  While technology and “media” have been an option for time usage, some people have also renewed the creative side of themselves.  They have been busy checking off the to-do list of chores at home, maybe deciding to have a garden this year (unless they live in a state where the governor doesn’t let them buy seeds), and socializing/meeting over Zoom.

Back in yesteryear, many people used extra time to create things for their lives – some for usefulness and some for just the beauty of it.  There were more handmade pieces of furniture and clothing.  There were more vegetable gardens and also more flower beds. I see some people returning to that during this time, at least temporarily.

This creative part of us is managed by our right brain hemisphere and there is research to support all of us having degrees of influence between our left hemisphere and our right hemisphere.  Left brain dominant people tend to be more linear in their living – more analytical and methodical.  Right brain dominant people tend to be more creative and more holistic in their thinking.  As both influences actually have some strengths and weaknesses, the ideal is a good blend of the two.  We all have that blend, but some of us tend to lean more toward one side of the other.

In school and work, left brain factors are usually encouraged more.  This means that we may have to choose to grow the creative and holistic side of ourselves.  Schools may never bring back the music or art teachers because those are not on the state test.  However, there are resources in our communities to still take private music or art lessons – for people of all ages.  There are also online lessons and Youtube videos on how to do many creative things.

In this season of extra time, why not work on being more right.  It could be fun and also could grow your capacity to “think outside the box” when you need to.


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