AT&T should stop stalling


It’s time for AT&T to stop the legal foot dragging and let C Spire roll out their high speed network for the benefit of Mississippi.

In 2017, the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services (ITS) selected C Spire in a competitive bidding process as its high speed voice and internet provider for state agencies and universities. C Spire’s eight-year contract will significantly modernize the state’s communications infrastructure. And it costs less.

After losing the bid, AT&T began a protracted legal battle to stop C Spire from getting the state business. During the 28-month legal delay, the state has lost $21.6 million. The clock is still ticking at a cost of $770,000 per month to taxpayers.

When the Mississippi Supreme Court unanimously affirmed a lower court’s decision in favor of C Spire, it seemed that finally the path was clear to proceed. But now AT&T attorneys have asked for additional time to file a motion to re-hear the case.

Enough is enough. Given the high court’s unanimous verdict, there is no reason to rehear the case. It’s time to move on and force AT&T stalling tactics to end.