Our community will need help


Well Monday night was really eventful. Sometimes the weather forecasters are way off base; sometimes they hit the nail on the head. This time they slammed that nail in with one whack. It also made for a really nervous Tribune Christmas party with scared, crying children and adults looking at each other with worry without the kids seeing us be worried.

I know as I write this Tuesday morning, law enforcement, emergency personnel and utility workers are already out in force after working all night rescuing people, clearing roadways and getting our power back on. You all are heroes just so you know, and we can’t thank you enough. I’m sure they saw a lot of damage last night, but as the dawn breaks this morning, a lot more can be seen.

Several of our community families lost their homes and belongings, thankfully not their lives. Out of the miles of tornado row, we only had two injuries.

We can’t all be out cutting trees out of the roadways and such, so what can we do as a community to help? We can all come together to help those who lost everything, which is what we always do. We have such a loving, kind and caring community of people. It’s going to be a long recovery process for many, and they will need things, not only immediate needs, but long-term. Emergency personnel and utility crews will be working extra-long hours as well. Think about offering snacks and drinks to them as well if they are working in your community.

For those who do need things, please let me know your needs and we will be glad to ask the community for those needs. The Tribune can be a drop off for those that do want to give. In the upcoming days, please watch our Facebook page for any announcements. If you need to send me information, please call or text 601-274-0178, or email jbozeman@clarkecountytrib.com.