Chancelor to open new business in Enterprise


Kim Chancelor is starting up a new business called Lolli’s in the old 3S Cowboy Church building in Enterprise, MS.

Lolli’s is a place where someone can rent a booth area for $80 a month and sell lightly used items. The person is only responsible for setting up the booth and pricing all of the items that he or she intends to sell in the booth. The person doesn’t have to be present to sell, because Lolli’s has already hired someone to handle all sales transactions on the days they are open. All inventories are documented and coded so that there will be accurate records for each booth open in the building.

The merchandise in Lolli’s ranges anywhere from clocks and picture frames to different pieces of furniture. The only requirement for the items people bring in to sell is that it be in good working condition with no major damage.  She already has a couple of booths filled and a variety of items in the store, which include items such as a chest of drawers for $25 and other great furniture and artwork.

“I’m not trying to get rich off this stuff. I’m not trying to get rich at all. I just know it’s a need,” said Ms. Kim. “I’m not going to overprice.”

Ms. Kim just wants to help her community and sees her new business as a way to accomplish her goal.

“It’s just something I feel led to do,” stated Ms. Kim. “My passion is serving God, because that’s what we’re here for. That’s our purpose. That’s my passion along with my family, the community, and the county of course.”

Ms. Kim is hoping to be able to have her official opening towards the end of September.

Lolli’s is open every Friday from 10-5 and Saturday from 8-2. At this time, they are unable to accept cards, but they take cash and checks.

If you have any interest in renting a booth to sale items, call Kim Chancelor at (601) 616-5260 to discuss availability.


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