Circuit Clerk Candidate Sally Doggett Wedgeworth Reminisces Over Past 16 Years as Deputy Clerk

With just a few days left to absentee vote, and election day being November 5, 2019, I have enjoyed reminiscing over the past 16 years and the changes that are continually being made in our office to accommodate the citizens in Clarke County.  There have been changes in how we cast our ballot election day, the ease of registering to vote by including online registration, implementing a new program for financial records and the ease of obtaining a marriage license.

Our biggest change is how we cast our ballot on Election Day.  For years our constituents used paper ballots that were secured at polling places on Election Day and brought to the courthouse on election night to be scanned by a centralized scanner for the people in attendance to watch.  We anxiously awaited results to be printed and called out.  This method changed in 2005 when our entire state adopted the Statewide Election Management System (SEMS) and General Election Management System (GEMS). SEMS is a more accurate way to keep voting records.  This system is used for voter registration, to create ballots and poll books.  The address library determines what voting precinct is associated with a particular address.   The system chooses potential jurors for Grand and Petit Jury. Our Election Commissioners have access to this system to merge and purge voters and keep accurate address records.  TSX voting machines replaced scannable ballots and provide a computer like screen to vote.  GEMS is the software used to upload election results that have been downloaded from our TSX voting machines.   

Registering to VOTE is a concern for everyone and there are times that do not allow for business to be handled during normal hours.  The Secretary of State has taken this into consideration and have opened up many different opportunities to register.  By using the Secretary of State’s website, the citizens have access to an online registration form.  The Mississippi Department of Public Safety is linked to our Statewide Election System to include immediate registration by a simple check while applying for driver’s license, Municipal Clerk’s offices and Department of Human Services are also places that you can register to vote. 

Moving on with the change of times and being more proficient in the work place, the addition of Delta Computer Systems financial software was implemented in 2007.   After all records were loaded we officially began using the system in March of that year.  We have continued our contract and used this system ever since.  

The most accommodating law that was passed was the ease of obtaining a marriage license.  Prior to this change a blood test and a 3 day waiting period was required before they could be issued.  The process now allows the license to be issued the same day as you apply for them. The blood test requirement was eliminated.

As you can see many things have changed, but some still remain the same.  The same professional customer service you are accustomed to receiving, the continued high standard of integrity this office has always held and the same remaining open door policy to any suggestions to accommodate our citizens.  If elected, these things will never change.  YOU the voters are who we are accountable to and I plan to continue to serve you. 

Please Vote Sally Doggett Wedgeworth, the only candidate with experience, your next Circuit Clerk. On November 5, I Sally Doggett Wedgeworth, humbly ask for your vote, your support and especially your prayers.