Person of the Week: Macy Wedgeworth

“The innocence of children is what makes them stand out as a shining example to the rest of the world,” (Kurt Chambers).

At only ten years old, Macy Wedgeworth definitely stands as a shining example of what everyone should be like. The young fifth grader has a joyful, thankful, and giving spirit that stands out to anyone who talks to her.

Her favorite thing is to play soccer, and she is very modest about her abilities after playing for around six years.

“I know I’m not the best at it, but I just love to play soccer because it is really fun. I love all of my coaches. I’ve had some really good coaches,” stated Macy.

Her example goes beyond just being humble and thankful. On a cruise she took recently, Macy was a shining example of how to treat other people, no matter what the situation is.

At one point on the cruise, Macy was about to go down a water slide, which is when she met a new friend, Lily. Lily and her mom were on the slide ahead of Macy, and after Lily’s mom went down the slide, Lily seemed to be afraid. Although she had never met Lily before, Macy didn’t hesitate to try to comfort her.

“She was scared to go down the slide, and I told her that it’s really fun to do,” explained Macy. “She slid down the slide and told her mom that I told her that it was really fun and she didn’t need to be scared.”

She and her new friend enjoyed doing multiple activities together on the cruise. One of the things Macy quickly learned was that Lily has autism. It didn’t matter to Macy though.

“I have a cousin, Eli, who is autistic,” stated Macy. “I’m around him so much that it just comes naturally to me.”

Macy was able to look past the autism and see Lily for the person she is. They had fun going down water slides, playing on the splash pad, swimming in the different pools on the ship, and eating ice cream.

“Lily liked the pool drains and the sounds they make, so we would put our hands up to the drains and look at the marks it would make on our hands,” said Macy. “I showed her how to shoot water up through her hands in the pool like a water spout. I didn’t think anything of it.”

The adults who were watching the two young friends did think something of it, though.

According to a post from Lily’s mom, “Macy was amazing with Lily, and she didn’t stare at Lily like people usually do. She just helped her. To some this is nothing at all, but to our family, it is amazing!”

Macy treating her daughter like any person should be treated helped create a joy for Lily’s mom.

She may be young, but Macy definitely set an example for the world that it doesn’t matter if a person has a disability or acts different, everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect. In fact, Macy puts it best by giving the best advice she can think of:

“All you can do in the world is be kind to others.”