Notes from the Mayor 04/02/20


The Covid-19 virus has brought to the forefront the beauty of humanity and the frailties we all share at the same time. The loss of life expressed as a low percentage doesn’t mean much if you or your loved ones are included in that percentage. Despite the seriousness of this disease, people rise to help others, cook for senior citizens, carry food, and check up on neighbors. An Italian immigrant falls in love with a Clarke County girl, marries her, and becomes a Citizens of the United States. He then builds a wonderful business only to face the hardship of the loss of revenue. This immigrant instead of worrying about his business, proceeds to bake hundreds of loaves of his famous Italian Bread, giving them away to show his appreciation for our country and the people of Clarke County. Mimmo will be indelibly planted in the minds of Quitmanites for his incredible gifts. Police work around the clock and were just given masks to give them some semblance of protection. Keeping social distances seems like such a trivial approach, but it remains as our best defense against this disease.

Certain malaria drugs are used with antibiotics to treat the coronavirus. Granted, this seems to be a last-ditch effort at the life-ending doorstep to treat coronavirus, it is one I hope is available to me if I catch the disease and become extremely ill. “Although doctors regard this malaria drug as relatively safe at prescribed doses for short periods, it has been associated with life-threatening cardiac side effects and suicidal behavior.” Overdosing this drug could kill you.

Staying at home is a great way to handle this pandemic, but for a society with mobility and the loss of so many things that were once available, it is an unbelievable hardship. I am reminded of my early life when my parents would not let me go to the public swimming pool for fear of the polio virus. The thought of living in an iron-lung or being crippled did not seem possible to me at that time.  I did not understand my parents being so protective. Staying at home became challenging, but I do not remember being bored. Our family would sit in front of the console radio eating Seale-Lily ice cream and listening to “The Shadow, Boston Blackie, The Great Gildersleeve, or Amos & Andy”.  I fondly remember those times playing card games and my dog, Mitzi, laying in my lap. Some friends of today talk of Fibber McGee and Molly, but I can’t remember listening to them. This new Pandemic gives us an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful time of family life, eating, listening to music, and Church services through the internet. It sure beats the negative side of complaining about everything.

Having a reported case of the virus means Quitman will extend current policies for another week, and maybe an additional two weeks. We have essentials for the most part, food, medicine, and healthcare. Our stores, restaurants, industry, and other commercial businesses are following our published guidelines. Quitman Police have disbursed groups of more than ten in public places and followed up on all calls where someone or a business was not following the guidelines. With the virus in Clarke County, expect more. In most cases the recovery is within two weeks, but in serious cases it may take up to six weeks. Any age group can catch this, especially if you don’t practice social distancing and repeatedly washing your hands. We will beat this virus as I have faith in our Administration and the American “Can Do” attitude among all essential personnel.  Pray for our first responders and military daily. God Bless Quitman, Clarke County, and the United States of America!