Jamey Taylor: Man in the Mirror


Jamey Taylor has been called to the mission field by becoming an area director with Man in the Mirror. Man in the Mirror is a more localized mission opportunity that assists different churches to create discipleship opportunities to help the men in the church grow and develop a stronger relationship with God.

His testimony helps make his passion for the work Man in the Mirror does even stronger. Growing up, Jamey came from a divorced family and didn’t have the influence of a godly father in his home. By the time he married at 19, he didn’t know what it meant to be a husband. About 13 years ago, Jamey didn’t care to go to church anymore and had lost all his faith in the church, pastors, and almost everyone in general. Eventually, he developed a companionship with different godly men in his church, Enterprise Baptist, and was able to see what it really meant to be a godly man within the home, the community, and the church. Then, in July of 2012, he happened to help chaperone a youth church camp, and God spoke to and changed him on the trip. Ever since then, he has been constantly growing and becoming closer to God, becoming more the man God intended for him to be.

After reading the book Man in the Mirror by Pat Morley, Jamey began to understand the role of a man as God designed it and develop a stronger relationship with Christ. He then found an advertisement looking for area directors from Man in the Mirror on Facebook and applied. His application was accepted, and Jamey is currently the only area director in the state of Mississippi.

“We have a lot of men who are passive in their Christian walk,” explains Jamey. “We need more men who are bold and strong in their faith and constantly desire to build a deeper relationship with Christ.”

He is unable to go full-time with his mission with Man in the Mirror because he is still on deputation to raise the needed funds. Once he receives all the funds, he will go for training and be commissioned to work full time with churches.

“Once I am commissioned, my responsibility will be to work with pastors, discipleship leaders, and other leaders of the church to help them create an atmosphere within the church that provides a discipleship pathway for every man in the church and encourages him in that pathway,” said Jamey. “I would help to build up a leadership team in the church if one doesn’t already exist and will help the church determine the best plan for disciplining the men of the church so that they can grow.”

In order to help raise the needed funds, he is starting a campaign to help him meet his goal. If 75 partners would agree to give $30 a month and 50 partners would give $50 a month, he will reach his goal and can then be officially commissioned. He hopes to be able to raise all his funds and be commissioned by the upcoming spring.

Since he will already have all the funds he needs once he’s commissioned, the services he offers the churches as their men’s discipleship expert is completely free. The different techniques that he would use to help the churches have been tried and proven over the 30 years that Man in the Mirror has been going. The only thing that the churches would have to pay for would simply be any material they choose to use for the church.

He already teaches discipleship classes at the church he attends, Enterprise Baptist Church, and has witnessed growth in the men attending. In fact, the church’s attendance on Sunday nights has gone up. He truly believes in growing the men of the church in order to grow the church and create healthier, godlier households.

“When we have men who are disciple, they’re going to disciple their wives and children. You start seeing changes in churches and communities because a man understands what it means to be a man of God,” explains Jamey. “He leads his family well. He understands his purpose more, and that purpose is to point his family to Christ.”

Any person or church who would like to partner with Jamey and help him reach his financial goal can go to maninthemirror.org/jameytaylor and follow the provided link.