Person of the Week: Fred Newman


It’s hard to find someone more loving than Fred Newman. In fact, when in high school, everyone knew that when Fred was around that he was about to give out plenty of hugs, and if someone wasn’t careful, a nice big kiss on the cheek.

Years after graduating, Fred still has his wonderful, loving nature. It comes as no surprise what his favorite holiday is.

“I love Valentine’s Day,” stated Fred while holding up a heart shape with his hands.

Each Valentine’s Day everyone Fred knows has the pleasure of receiving a wonderful Valentine note hand-written by Fred.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time Fred writes notes, though. In order to maintain his education, Fred loves to write every night. He is constantly writing his family notes and fills up notebooks with all of his writing. If he is not writing, Fred is most likely solving a word search puzzle.

Fred does not have a part time job, but he stays busy all the time.

“He loves to clean. He’s so helpful to me,” explained his mom, Carolyn Hayes. “He helps out with the cleaning around the house while I’m at work. When I’m helping out with different things at church and other events, Fred always helps me carry everything in and get everything set up.”

He loves to help keep the house clean and help with the laundry, something that many people struggle to maintain each day. Fred is very independent and has a certain way that he likes some things to be done.

One of the things Fred has always loved to do is dance. Even in high school, Fred would always practice his dance moves in anticipation for the upcoming proms.

Alongside his dancing, Fred loves playing video games. He has a variety of wrestling games that he loves to play. His enjoyment of games also makes Fred great with technology. If anything were to start to go wrong with a TV in the house, Fred is usually able to move wires around and get the TV working again.

Over the years, it would seem that Fred Newman has become even more loving and helpful. It would be hard to imagine him any other way.