Person of the Week: Taylor Boyd


Taylor Boyd may be bashful, but her precious personality lights up the room wherever she goes. Anyone who has the privilege of knowing her can’t help but love her. She is a senior at Enterprise High School and has a variety of interests.

She does enjoy some sports. Taylor plays challenger league softball each year. She enjoys playing in the outfield each year. She loves to go bowling. She also enjoys cheering. She loves being able to help cheer on her football team at the pep rallies each week. The school is trying to set up a unified cheer team through Special Olympics, and hopefully, she will be able to cheer with them at the basketball games this year. She loves dancing and is looking forward to her senior prom.

Taylor is interested in more than just sports. She enjoys being able to dress up and have the usual pampering that comes with being a girl. She loves to get a nice manicure and will show her beautiful nails to anyone she meets. This year, she plans on being in the beauty review at her school and has already picked out what dress she wants to wear for it.

Once she graduates, Taylor plans on staying busy. She has a little nephew that she plans on babysitting each day. She loves her nephew and intends to spoil him a little more every day.

Her favorite holiday has finally arrived.

“I like Halloween,” said Taylor.

Taylor enjoys the spooks, surprises, and candy that Halloween brings with it each year. Most of the time, she enjoys the scary masks that Grant and Blaine bring to class to startle their classmates and teachers. She went to the big senior party that consisted of a haunted hayride, dancing, and other fun events.

She is also looking forward to her senior trip this year. She plans on going to Disney World with her friends. While there, she intends to meet some of her favorite characters, including Anna and Elsa.

Mrs. Anita Lowery summed up her beautiful spirit in the best way:

“Taylor is very shy, but she can also be very fun and adventurous. She can be very sassy. She’s a very smart young lady. She loves her friends, teachers, and family. She’s a hard worker and a good helper. She’s just an all-around good person.”